Communication for the Deskless Workforce

Backboard provides an easy way to communicate with your team using innovative hands-free technology.

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Easily communicate with your team.

Operate multiple locations or own a couple franchises? We have you covered. No more mass-email or text messages. Create groups by location or topic to easily communicate with the right people. Roles and permissions settings determine who can publish what content.

hands free

Hands-free controls

The gestured-based interface, powered by hand tracking, allows employees to browse content and notifications without touching any surfaces.


Real-time notifications

Screens are constantly receiving data so that employees always have access to the most up-to-date information.

content management

Simple content updates

Push new content to any screen instantly, or schedule updates using our mobile app and content management system.

Achieve your business goals with Backboard

Backboard gives you the tools to drive your business forward and react quickly to the changing landscape

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Manage your front-line team

Communicate directly with front-line employees without email or text messages

Onboard new team members

Give them access to training videos and policies with the wave of a hand

Reduce in-person meetings

Give everyone the information they need without site visits or all-hands meetings

Drive sales

Use leaderboards to incentivize performance by letting everyone track results

Keep employees & customers safe

Our gesture controlled interface is 100% hygienic with no cleaning required

Flawlessly execute promotions

Share new product information and all the details of your latest offers

Flexible solutions for all industries

When communication is important, Backboard is your tool.



Give employees access to recipes and training videos, keep track of deliveries, and keep hands clean with no-contact screens



Keep teachers, staff, and departments on the same page by sharing schedules and policies and reduce printing costs



Publish class and equipment schedules, share important notices and policy changes, and easily scale from 1 to 1000s of locations



Keep employees safe with no-contact screens, share the latest patient safety and quality improvement information, and easily take over screens with emergency alerts



Improve efficiency by sharing key metrics, track social scores and comments, and reward staff by making their work visible to the entire team



Drive sales by promoting new products, flawlessly executing promotions, and running friendly competitions between locations and team members

Customize Backboard to fit your company.

Video libraries, scheduling software, and leaderboards. You name it, we have integrated it. Backboard can be tailored to fit your existing tools without any extra leg-work.

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